While Freemasonry can seem to be confusing with its vast number of appendant bodies and many many symbolic lessons open to individual interpretation, perhaps as it should be, there are three appendant bodies, under the umbrella of one, that offer clarity and light to the path of your masonic journey; The York Rite. The degrees that make up the York Rite expand on and clarify the lessons of the blue lodge degrees, providing more opportunity to learn, and more information that is potentially missing from the first three degrees.  Cryptic Masonry, the middle body within the York Rite, is more than just a requirement for joining Commandery. In fact, it used to be voluntary, and therefore considered a body consisting of those who really loved Masonry and its knowledge.   It, almost quite literally, offers the lessons of Freemasonry on several new and exciting levels, nine to be specific.  Want to know what that means?  Join the York Rite, and progress all the way through the council degrees.  With its beautiful ritual, and meaningful lessons, you will not be disappointed. Are you interested? (Petition for membership)